About Us

Our development team consists of a married couple in their mid fifties with testing and suggestions from our friends and family.

Like so many people out there, our lives took an abrupt change in this new economy. After feeling a bit sorry for ourselves, we decided to dust ourselves off and do what every middle-aged couple is doing. Of course, that meant writing a game for the smart phone market.

I (John) have degrees in chemistry, physics, and computer science. I have spent most of my professional career writing some sort of graphics software including some professional game experience. I did the programming, sound effects, 3D modeling, art, and music for the game.

Laura is a veteran of the telecommunications industry. Besides becoming an expert level designer, she has been very helpful in all the things involved in a game business that don’t actually involve production (and believe me there are a lot of them).  Laura used to work for a large telecommunications company who decide to eliminate her position (along with many others). Her severance funded the creation of this project. Laura is an expert at Sudoku and can already point out mistakes in my code as I’m writing it. She will make a great coder someday.

Kelly is our 20 year old cat. Kelly’s job is to wake us up early every morning and tell us to get to work!