awardsTap this button to see the achievements you have earned.

score better than trophy group 2 complete group 3 complete group 4 complete

You earn an achievement for completing each of the groups.
A group consists of sixteen levels.

group 1 all trophies group 2 all trophies group 3 all trophies group 4 all trophies

If you complete a group with all trophies, you get one of the above awards. Pretty cool!

triple Three trophies in a row will win you this fine achievement.

13 Of course, that means 13 in a row is the banker's dozen!

score better than trophy If you get a score better than the trophy score you win this!

sharp shooter This is the Sharp Shooter achievement. We will let you figure it out.

mystery There are a couple of 'mystery' achievements you will have to find.

all To win this lovely achievement you have to complete all the levels.

all trophies Finally to win this you have to complete all levels with a trophy.