We are just getting started.

Hopefully we will have some reviews of our game here later.


Panels and buttons

Score Panel This is the score panel. The top number is the number of shots you have remaining. The bottom number is the number of shots you have taken.

trophy score This panel shows how many shots it takes to get a trophy.

trophy glow If you have earned a trophy for this level, the trophy glows.

level panelThis panel shows you which level you are on, in this case number 36. The other number is the best score you have gotten for this level. If there is a star in the corner it means you either completed the level for the first time or beat your best score for this level. The color represents which group you are on. In this case it's red which is the third group.

pause Tapping this button will pause the game and bring up a menu of buttons.


reset home mute mute music help

reset This button restarts the level you are on. Use it when you run out of shots or just want to start fresh.

home This button take you to the group choice menu where you can choose a different level to play. We will talk more about this later.

mute The mute button will silence all sounds and music for the game.

mute music This button only mutes the music for the game. It's nice if you want to listen to your own music but still want to hear some of the game sounds.

help This button walks you through the basics of the game, including some of the things we have mentioned here. It also demonstrates how to control the cannon.

play The play button replaces the pause button when you have paused the game. Tap it to return to the level.

Choosing a level to play

group Right now the game has 64 levels. Those levels are divided into four groups. This first group of 16 levels is blue. The top numbers represent the level numbers. The 10 is the number of shots you have taken in this group so far. The four is the number of trophies you have earned for this group so far.

levels Each group consists of 16 levels. This is a picture of part of the level choice menu for the first group. The number in the upper left is the level number. The number in the middle is your best score for that level. If you have not completed the level it shows up as a 'dash'. If the level has a lock on it, it means you have to complete previous levels to unlock it. If there is a trophy on the level it means you have earned a trophy for the level but I'm guessing you knew that already.

back Tap this button to go back to the previous menu or return to the level you were playing.

achievementThis button takes you to a screen that shows you what achievements you have earned.